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Canidae Development

Canidae Development specialises in working with canines to collect data for government, industry, and not for profit organisations on projects that have positive outcomes for the environment and community.


The Canidae Development team bring together diverse backgrounds including government, natural resource management, essential services, emergency services,  renewable energy, forestry, dog training & handling to develop creative canine solutions.


We have been involved in working with canines in a variety of fields and it never ceases to amaze us what they are capable of, from saving lives to saving an endangered species.

The Canidae Development team is highly experienced  providing highly trained conservation detection dog teams .

Canidae Development provides all training for our dogs and handlers allowing us to quickly adapt to the unique requirements of each project.


Our teams undergo regular rigorous assessments, that reflect the operational environment and workplace conditions, to clearly demonstrate:

         1. Suitability of the team working with in the field

             of conservation,


         2. Detectability rates,


providing the highest level of confidence in our data for evidence based decision making.

Canidae Development teams operate in variety of environments across public and private land. The welfare of our dogs and the protection of the environment we work in are our top priorities and vital to the success of our projects.

Our safety systems have been developed by a Health and Safety professional tailored to suit the unique requirements of working with dogs in the natural environment. We regularly review our systems with project partners to ensure industry best practice in the use of conservation detection dogs.

Canidae Development has a cradle to grave philosophy ensuring all our dog's health and wellbeing is maintained throughout training, working, and retirement.

How can canines help you?

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