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Canidae Development

Introduction Workshop

Conservation Detection Dog Handler

This workshop is an overview of the what is involved in being a detection dog handler.

Learn what is involved behind the scenes with topics covering

-  Type of dogs that are suitable

- Daily maintenance and training

- Health, Safety and Welfare

- Preparation for field surveys

- Conducting a survey

This workshop is designed for people who have an interest in becoming a handler or are managing projects that involve detection dogs in a conservation environment.

For all enquires

Detection Dog Training

This workshop is for participants who have completed the Introduction Workshop and would like to develop their personal dog.


These workshops are designed to meet level of each individual participant and dog.

Beginner workshops include

-  Odour Recognition

- Alert Behaviours

- Search strategies

Intermediate and advanced workshops are available which are tailored towards the specific  needs of individual projects. 

For all enquires


Canidae Development provides mentoring opportunities, particularly for those entering into the industry and working towards first their projects.

You will be drawing from our experience across a range of habitats from coastal heath, rain forest, open woodlands, to alpine regions and a range of species.

We provide support in developing the skills and confidence required to handle your dog in the field

For all enquires

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